Words will create the change, so twist them for the right reasons

After working in the Financial Industry for the last 20+ years, learning from industry top leaders and led teams to penetrate New Markets, launch New Products and acquire New Brands in Asia, Europe and America.

A new beginning with a deep desire to inspire led Rizwan to step into the Speaking & Coaching world. He invested time & energy along-with utmost focus on studying and mastering proven and tested methodologies from industry top institutions. Paired with this, He brings a wealth of corporate business experience from having shouldered responsibilities from front line sales, management, and leadership.

He is an award-winning International Speaker, Trainer for thousands in Sales & Management, and Leadership Coach to Entrepreneurs and Executives. He engages audience during Keynotes with his storytelling, delivers Seminars and Workshops that positively impact KPIs, and help create/connect the leaders with their vision & mission.

Rizwan stands for an engaged, empowered and effective tuning of sales/ management teams and systems. His passion to help elevate individuals to “Escape Mediocrity and Achieve Excellence” provides companies with engaged individuals, empowered teams resulting in boosting productivity. He works with organizations that are committed to the development of their Human Capital skill set in Sales, Customer Service, and Management.

He lives by his mantra “Escape Mediocrity to Achieve Excellence”
It is not impossible to achieve extraordinary things if you are passionate about making a change, Rizwan will help you climb the ladder.

Not facing ups and downs isn't life, do you want to live your life?
If yes, meet Rizwan!

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